How to stop nightfall naturally - Ayurvedic medicine for nightfall

How to stop nightfall naturally

Nightfall is also known as wet dreams. Nightfall is not a disease. It is just an imbalance of hormones that cause discharge semen during sleeping time. let's know how to stop nightfall.

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How to stop nightfall

What are the causes of Nightfall cause

There can be many reasons for getting a nightfall (wet dream). There is no age of nightfall but it occurs more between the age of 15-30. When a boy crosses the age of 15 and reaches adolescence many hormonal and behavioral changes take place within the body. The adolescent is the age when a young boy masturbates, thinking of sex, watch adults materials. The result during sleep has a sex dream and nightfall occur.

Excessive masturbation over the period of time weakens the seminal vesicle (which the semen). The viscosity of semen also reduced and semen become thin, which cause semen night emission or nightfall in man.

Somemore fact of nightfall in men also have a problem with nightfall.

The side effect of nightfall

Nightfall in a man common problem in man. People have very much misconception about nightfall. Once or two times in a month is a natural phenomenon. If you facing this problem 5 to 6 or more times in a month than you have to take care of it. You can feel weakness in your body, sexual weakness, and low bp problems.

How to stop nightfall

As I early said nightfall is not a disease. It can be cured with natural and with medicine as well. Nightfall treatment in Ayurveda is very effective and safe. Let's discuss how to stop nightfall in brief.

Nightfall treatment

1. Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet to avoid fast food, cold drinks, deep-fried food.
2. Don't drink cold drinks and avoid high sugar.
3. Quit smoking and drinking wine if you want to cure nightfall.
4. Don't eat rice and drink milk at night it helps to cure nightfall.
5. Do exercise daily or you can do yoga for nightfall problem.
6. Do regular meditation and relax your body and mind.
7. Don't watch adult content and try to spend most of your time with your friends and family it will help to divert your attention from your wrong habits.
8. Never be stressed, and tensed otherwise it can increase your problem.
9. Don't sleep on your stomach, always sleeps straight.
10. Wash your feet and mouth (fresh) before slipping

Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall

Shatavri is the best herb to cure nightfall or night wet. It helps to cure many male and female sexual health problems. It will calm you, give strength and nourish semen. Take Shatavri powder half teaspoon two times a day. It will help to stop the nightfall.
Drink coconut water - it is also very helpful for the nightfall problem. According to Ayurveda Drink, coconut water (nariyal pani) reduce pitta and vat. That is the main reason for nightfall?
Take Himalaya ayurvedic capsule menocare. Menocare enhance your reproductive strength and help to cure night problem.
Information is given this article on how to stop nightfall will be very beneficial for you. Follow all the advice to cure nightfall. 

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