How to increase oxygen level in body at home

 How to increase oxygen level in body at home 

How to increase oxygen level in body
How to increase oxygen level in body 

We can not live without Oxygen. But in this pandemic is it possible to increase oxygen level in body at home? Nature provide free oxygen in unlimited amount. But due to man made pandemic covid patient are dying due to difficulty in breathing. But we can do little effort to save our precious life's. 

6 way to increase oxygen level in body at home 

Home oxygen for COVID patients Get fresh air -- 

Do not stay in closed room Open windows of your room and  Fresh air will provide you with energy and bring you additional amounts of oxygen to the lungs. 

Oxygen therapy for COVID patient

Iron rich food 

Iron rich food help to enhance oxygen level in your body . Iron rich food increase healthy RBC in your body. Red blood cell transport oxygen to all organs 

Drinking water 

Drink plenty of water during day, you know water contain oxygen , if possible drink Matka water, 

Beside that take lemon water it also help to relief you. 

Snake plant for oxygen at home 

Snake plant could be very beneficial for you. snake plants help to filter indoor air. The main benefit about this particular plant is that it's one of the few plants that can convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen at night. So keep this plant in your room or baranda.

Paranayam - 

Paranayam is a yoga technique by you have to inhale air  and then exhale it outside. But in this method take long breath stop fraction of second then relaese air through nostrils. It help to increase your oxygen level in blood. 

How to increase oxygen level in corona 

Due to pandemic situation no availability of oxygen in many part of the country. So we have to understand the situation . 

Step by step we can increase oxygen level 

First if you are covid positive then take Ayurveda antibiotics and antiviral medication according to doctor advise

But ayurvedic Himalayas septlin tablet is very beneficial for treat chest infection. It will really help you. 

here is study prove

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