Describe a time you made a promise to someone cue card

Describe a time you made a promise to someone cue card 

-       Whom did you make the promise to
-       What the promise was
-       Why you made the promise
-       Was the promise easy to achieve

Describe a time you made a promise to someone cue card
Describe a time you made a promise to someone cue card 

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have made a lot of promises in my life . 

Some of those promises I kept whereas in some I failed. 

Here i would like to talk about a  promise which I made with my parents .

The promise was to get good marks in 12th standard . 

Actually I didn't studied well in 11th standard and my marks were very low. 

The other reason was that i got in an accident due to which my 2 months were wasted and i failed to get good marks . 

My parents understood me and they knew the reasons of me not paying attention to the studies . 

After I got better from the injury promised my parents that i will study with whole heart for my next exams. 

I make my schedule for study and switch of my mobile, moreover I quit all the social apps which could be distract me from my goal 

After that i put all my efforts to my studies and when the result came i was over the moon .

 When my parents came to know about my result they told me that they are proud of me. 

All the friends and teachers were all happy because everyone scored good marks in the class. 

We all organized a party and invited all my school teachers and friends and enjoyed a lot .So this was the promise that I kept.



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Follows up- Describe a time you made a promise to someone cue card 

1. Generally speaking, do Indian parents make promises to children?

Yes, Indian parents often make promises to their children. The promises mainly involve buying new toys or expensive gifts for them or taking them on vacations if they score good marks in exams or behave well.


2. Do children also make promises to their parents?

Yes, children also make promises to their parents that they will study and not waste their time. They also promise to behave well in the absence of parents.


3.    Do most people fulfill their promises?

Unfortunately, many people in India make promises that they know they know they can’t fulfill or can’t keep. For example, to meet at a particular time.


4. How do you feel when others break their promises?

It annoys me when people break their promises. In fact, in India promises are frequently made and seldom kept. I believe that we should not make promises that we cannot keep. We should think before we make promises.


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