Who is the next president of America

Who is next pm of America - Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. Donald Trump little behind in from Biden in survey. But the fight is very tough, and why not This is going to be the decision of America's future. 

Who is the next president of America

Who is the next president of America

You answer is here just read these tweets which indicating and deciding the next president of AMERICA. 

People are sharing on twiter different story why not vote for Donald Trump

Here is one voter who said 

I was a Republican for 41 years.  This is my very 1st Presidential Election were I voted as a registered Democrat.  I became extremely embarrassed and deeply ashamed to remain in the GOP party.  Trump destroyed the GOP and they allowed it. I will NEVER vote GOP again, 



Who is leading in survey of US President election

Many voters are faith in Republican, but now the winds has changed its direction, That this time democratic come back. However you can not deny that trum made his huge fan following, and many countries suppoart him, last time Russia had helped to manipulate the result of usa president election.

Joe Biden holds at any rate slender leads over Donald Trump in the US ELECTION 2020 in six states Florida, Newyork, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, naveda and Wisconsin, as indicated by a Tv channels Research survey. 

The review taken in the last stretch before Election Day, additionally discovers Democrats hold an edge in three significant Senate races in Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina. 

People come forward to poll their vote, near about 68-70 % votes could be poll. 


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