Dark web series 3 season netflix online

It was too good and Mind-bending

Season 1 and season 2 were great

So is the season 3
Let me explain season 3
Its very good and perfect
These are my thoughts about the season 3
Ending :
It's happy ending
If you have watched Nolan films
The same concept has been adopted in this
The ending is as per your wish if you want happy ending it will be happy ending if you want the cycle to continue the cycle will continue.
It is two complicated to answer
I have been doing thinking about this
Whatever! One of the best series ever
They have take sci-fi genre in to another level
About the ending :
It reveals that there is another world which is the origin of these Adam and Eve world
Also it is all due to some scientist/clock store owner decided to bring back his son, daughter in law and grandchild.
It forms two new world and makes a knot between them
Only way to cut it is to making him to stop the process that created the two world
This is what done in season 3

lets watch this beautifull series-- dark season 3

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