Israel made coronavirus vaccine - Naphtali Bennett

Israel claim made coronavirus vaccine

World is suffering from serious pandemic known as covid-19, number of researchers are trying to find vaccines but  still not find it. But Israeli defence minister Naphtali Bennett has claimed that their main research institute find a breakthrough of this serious ailment.

Israel made coronavirus vaccine
Israel made coronavirus vaccine

Israel made coronavirus vaccine -  Naphtali Bennett

He said that they find the antibiotics that can work as vaccines to heal the corona virus. They now work on large scale to produce vaccines. Bennett visited the biological lab in  Ness Ziona and ordered to develop vaccines of covid-19.
He believes that vaccine attacks the virus and neutralised the human body.

The work has been completed in institute. After sometime they will contact international companies for the production of vaccines on large scales. Many countries are come forward to help Israel's. 

Defence minister Bennet said that he feels proud on his team and appreciate them for this achievement. The Israeli’s newspaper printed that they have developed the antibiotics to cure corona virus. Moreover, IIBR was founded in the year of 1952, later it become the civilian organisation. The prime minister of Israeli (Benjamin Netanyahu) has ordered to find vaccines of vivid-19 on February 1. This biological research institute is a world renowned research and development agency. In this institute, more than 60 experienced scientists working in it.

Now the whole world is looking with a hope  toward israel. As this israel prime minister announced  about covid19 vaccines production. it become the headline of international media.  Usa, uk, japan, russia like big countries are appreciated israel scientist.

We are also praying that as soon as possible the manufacturing of vaccines should be start early as possible

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