how to drink green tea to reduce obesity/belly fat ?

         How to drink green tea for weight loss

if you really want to reduce your fat then you must follow the strict diet rules. One of the most important and effective remedies is green tea. green tea must be added into your daily routine life if you are really concern about your body weight. it has a number of proven health benefits like 

how to drink green tea to reduce obesity/belly fat ?
how to drink green tea to reduce obesity/belly fat?

Benefits of drinking green tea

  • Anti-aging, 
  • fat burner, 
  • good for skin and hair, 
  • due to great antioxidant properties, it also reduces the risk of cancer. 
  • helps in type 2 diabetes
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • help in weight loss
  • Reduce your belly fat

how to drink green tea with or without sugar to reduce belly fat ?

green tea must be drink without sugar because the sugar will increase calories amounts in your body. but if you want to drink it with sugar you can use stevia (natural sweetener).
You can take green tea anytime during the day. But the right time to take green tea once a day between breakfast and lunch, is the best time to drink it.

Is it good to replace Green Tea with watermelon for weight loss?

Some of my friends ask about can we replace green tea with watermelon. both have different work, the watermelon contains lots of vitamins and minerals keeps you hydrated besides that it also has a number of other health benefits, but scientifically it is not proved that it helps for weight loss remedies like green tea. but you can include it into your weight loss diet plan. in fact, you include both green tea as well as watermelon. because both keep your digestive system good and increase your BMR. 

Difference between Lemon tea and green tea

You can make lemon tea at your home just add half lemon and tablespoon of honey it is good for weight loss. But green tea made with up real herbal tea it is blend with ginger and lemon.
I prefer green tea than only lemon tea.  

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