What is the evidence of parallel universe NASA

Do You know NASA finds a Parallel universe? Yes it is true according
to NASA news agency. For centuries, we have been thinking that the
earth is the only planet where life exists, 
but the progress of science has opened up all the dimensions of our thinking. 
It was believed for a long time that life exists on other planets like the Earth,
but we have no such evidence. 
It was also said that there is a  parallel universe to our universe. 
The parallel universe being discovered by NASA  for a

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evidence of parallel universe. 

What is a parallel universe

Have you heard about Parallel Universe before, yes parallel universe says that
where there will be a parallel planet just like our Earth, as we have a life here,
there will be also life in the city where the city is inhabited. The rivers that are here
with us will also be in the second universe. You can say like you are looking at
yourself in the mirror, and this is true, this is called parallel universe. But physics
laws are completely opposite from here according to the new discovery of NASA
parallel universe. That is, the time there, it moves backward instead of forward. 

What is the evidence of the Parallel universe by NASA

An experiment being conducted in Antarctica by NASA scientists. In this experiment
scientists used a big balloon mounted radio detector to move over Antarctica.
This radio detector of NASA is named Antarctica Impulsive Transient Antenna
(ANITA). Scientists believe that the interference of rays on Antarctica will be minimal.
Apart from this, there was no possibility of air pollution nor any noise pollution.

During the parallel universe research Experiment, scientists found that high-energy
particles continuously come from the earth through the air. High-energy particles can
only be detected coming 'down' from space, but the team of scientists has detected
heavy particles that come from the 'top' of the Earth. This means that these particles
actually prove to be a parallel universe of the Earth, where time moves upside down.
Although not everyone agrees on the hypothesis of scientists.

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