Whats is youtube shotrs like tiktok app

     Youtube shorts will launch new app like tiktok

As you know that if something is trending at number one in the world nowadays, it is Tiktok. YouTube is beginning to feel that Tiktok should not overtake them. So they announced youtube shorts a new platform for creaters.

What is youtube shorts, yotube shorts like tiktok
Youtube shorts

What is youtube shorts ?

Youtube shots is a uocoming app from youtube official. YT is bringing a new platform to compete on Tiktok, named YouTube Shorts.

Nowadays, most of the people have an account on tik tok. People of all ages and all classes like to use it. It has become the first choice for entertainment.

While YouTube has two billions of users, Tick Talk has also have 1.5 billion users. Tiktok, which was launched a few years ago, is giving a big competition to YouTube. There is hardly a city or locality in the world where Tiktok Does not use.

When youtube shorts launched

So now youtube officailly announced that youtube shots app will be launched soon. May be in the last of 2020.

So All the Tiktok users will get to see another new platform youtube shots where they can show their talent and also get famous and eran. 

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