who is responsible coranavirus china biological weapon program

coronavirus china biological weapon program

coronavirus china biological weapon program

coronavirus china biological weapon

China's bio program of a biological weapons program is the resulting coronavirus. Along with China today, the entire virus is going to fall into the grip of compassion virus, the coronavirus started spreading from the Wuhan province of China, from where humans were first started by a coronavirus. The death of the person was confirmed. First, the cause of the death of an elderly person of 61 years was found, behind whom is the coronavirus. Many people have been caught by it so far. Nearly a hundred people have been confirmed dead.

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By the way, if rumors are to be believed, the virus is expected to start with bat soup, jackal meat, and snake meat, but no firm evidence has been found yet of the origin of the same CHRONAVIRUS. It has been found that what are the symptoms that arise from this disease.

But the biggest thing that we are going to tell you is that Washington Time News has told that the city of Wuhan of China which not only wants to go for seafood but also there are very big biological labs of China, among which the main Wuhan Institute of Biology.

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The former Israeli intelligence officer has revealed that China was taking the help of the Wuhan biological institute to make biological weapons and only then the strain of the virus might have come out. And has put the whole of China in this crisis. WHO has implemented Level 3 emergency in China
The first case was recorded on December 8 in Wuhan city, yet the Health Officer did not issue any health advisory there. For several weeks, the severity of this coronavirus was suppressed, news coverage was stopped, the Chinese government could have issued advisory if it wanted to, but until 60 patients were compassionate virus-positive and many people were killed, the Chinese administration did this Wanted to suppress the matter, but when this matter reached the international media, the Chinese administration confessed that their country has been hit by the coronavirus. It is very difficult to confirm that the coronavirus is the result of the wrong actions of China itself.

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