What is Fastag

FASTag is mandatory from 1st December 2019. The government has implemented a new rule for cars trucks and other four-wheel vehicles. This technology is being used to reduce overload on busy toll plazas of the country's highways.

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what is fastag

What is FASTag

FASTag is an electronic toll collection. In other words, you can also say digital recharge for pay online toll plaza fees. Fastag is like a sticker or tag with a registered code. which will be adhesive on the front mirror of the vehicle. Whenever you cross the toll plaza, Camera that will be installed on the toll scan the code of your sticker automatically and deduct money on fastag account.

How to Recharge/buy Fastag

Fastag registration process is very easy. Fastag is provided by a car dealer when you buy a new car. For old vehicles, you can buy fastag from the toll plaza. You can also buy FASTag from banks. Many private banks offering fastag recharge.
These banks providing fastag

FASTag Pnb bank
FASTag Icic bank
FASTag Hdfc bank
FASTag Axix bsnk
FASTag  Sbi bank
FASTag Idfc bank

How to login Fastag with Paytm

If you are you using phone pay, google pay and or paytm you can also make very easly fastag.

how to Make Fastag with Paytm

Documents require for fastag account

Very fewer documents required for fastag account

  • Registration certificate of vehicle IRC
  • Your id proof KYC - passport, Adhar card or voter card (one document)
  • 2 passport size photo
All original documents required at the time of registration and photocopy also.

Price of Fastag

Fastag cost price depend upon you it is like a wallet. you can recharge it as much you need according to your usage. once you recharge Fastag this account will be validated for 5 years.

How to use Fastag

Fastag uses is very easy. When you receive your fastag you will also get a username and password for fastag. You have to link it with an online wallet and recharge it. Once the money from your fastag is exhausted, then you can also recharge it again.

What are the Benefits of fastag

Fastag is very benefit for commuters as well as toll employes.

1. You will not need to stay long at the toll plaza. As you reach the toll center In just 1 second you can move towards your destination.

2. You don't need to keep change or money for toll fees.
3. This will end the traffic problem and there will not be long lines on the toll plaza.
4. It will also reduce the consumption of fuel.
5. You can reach fast to your destination.
6. Sometimes you can also get money back offer during fast recharge. 

Fastag customer care support no.

if you have any queries and need help regarding fastag you can call toll free no fastag is - 1003

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