Abdul kalam movie review cast story

Abdul kalam movie review cast story

Abdul Kalam movie is a biography of dr. Apj Abdul kalam. The movie is directed by Anil Sunkara.
Boman Irani playing the role of Abdul kalam. Released on 3 December 2020.

Abdul kalam movie review cast story
Abdul kalam movie 

Abdul kalam movie reviews and story

Abdul kalam movie will be a very inspiring story.
His followers will be able to know every aspect of their life closely. And the younger generation can change their lives by knowing their stories.

Earlier, the movie I am Kalam, based on the life of Abdul Kalam, has also been released in 2011. Which was very much appreciated by the people. Harish mayor portrayed the character of Abdul kalam. 

Abdul kalam movie reviews and story cast 

Boman Irani as Abdul kalam 

Boman Irani said that it is my privilege that I got a chance to play the character of a great Legend like J Abdul Kalam. 
The missile man of India biography from 1931 to 2015. He was a great scientist, a great teacher, A great author 

The life of Abdul Kalam is hortative, how he studied in a tough situation in life. He played a magnificent role to make India a nuclear power country. 

He also knows as missile man due to his achievements to make India independent in missile technology. You will see in the movie, how Abdul kalam reached from a scientist to the highest position (president) of India. 

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