5 words for ielts students

                                 5 words for ielts students                                              Part -1


Here we will discuss 5 most common vocab words which you should must know if you thinking about to give ielts exam

1st word is

Enthusiasm-    its hindi meaning is उत्साहित

 It is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country.

The enthusiasm of the audience was heightened by the climax of the play.

I don't have any enthusiasm for life.

University teachers generally have admitted a lack of enthusiasm about their subjects.

The actors inspired the kids with their enthusiasm.

2nd word is

Anticipate-   its meaning in hindi is आशा

The cost turned out to be higher than anticipated.

The author anticipated objections to his theory.

The organizers of the fair anticipate a large crowd

He eagerly anticipated her arrival.

3rd word

Ambitious-   its meaning in hindi is अभिलशी

Only ambitious students get the best marks.

He was an ambitious man with a strong personality .

She is an ambitious career woman.

If you are ambitious to your job you should must be punctual

4th word

Despite-   its meaning in hindi के बावजूद


Despite the pain in his legs dhoni played well and took win for his team

Despite having all the necessary qualifications, they didn’t offer me the job.

Despite the fact that he worked very hard, he didn’t manage to pass the exam.

5th word

Profound-   its hindi means is गहन


The pricipal's profound words made me think about my future.

When I heard the minister’s profound sermon, I decided it was time to quit drinking.

The poem about life after death is a profound piece of literature.

He is profound in his subject

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